Help! Help!

A vicious thief “Nami” has stolen the body of the famous pirate “Chop Chop Piggy”. Nami has agreed to give back Piggy his body for a million stars. Help piggy get as much stars as he can.

Piggy has made a sound system to help you know the power of jump. You will hear eight notes, to adjust the power of the jump. Touch the screen to add power to piggy’s jump and release when the power is enough.

Too much power, and Piggy will fly to god, too less and Piggy will run into the wall. It’s a hard one, but that’s why we are dependent on you.

Now it’s time to make Piggy roll smoothly down the slopes and get all the stars!

Fun and Addictive
Jumping Piggy is easy to play but hard to master.

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